CONTRACT arborist

Skilled, safe, efficient and reliable

  • Insurance: Independent contractor, Arboriculture International LLC carries it's own workers compensation insurance, a $1-2M aggregate policy, as well as a CCB License, #205536. 
  • Gear and Tools: Advanced gear for technical climbing and rigging, PPE, saws for any job, GRCS, and truck with 4x4/dump. 


  • Personal Protective Equipment: Safety is most important to me, my family and friends. I am an industrial athlete. I respect my body and its limitations. For this reason I wear chainsaw protective gear, hardhat, eye and ear protection on every job. I will also provide other workers onsite with PPE and remind employers of the importance of PPE if employees are not properly outfitted. 


  • On job/site training: I often find this option as most effective for companies that request training. This offers me on real, on the job scenarios. Additionally, returned visits for training allow for monitoring, follow up and advancement based on progress. This also allows time for gear inspection, time and job efficiency analysis and recommendations as needed. 

  • Why Hire a Contract Arborist?: Regardless of whether a company has many or no employees, bringing in outside professional experience will add skill set, refresh safe practices and enhance performance. In addition, these services may be used as short-term solutions for a myriad of job scenarios as well as training. 



  • Aerial Rescue: 1 day course focusing on readiness and preparedness, risk assessment, basic EHAP, gear, first response scenarios and much more. This class is designed for any arborist climbing level.
  • Basic Tree Climber: 1 day crash course beginning with knots and hitches, tree assessment anchors and loading. Continuing on with access methods, advancement and lateral movement. 
  • Advanced Tree Climber: This 1 day course is designed for climbers young and old who have basic climbing experience, but who would like to climb more efficiently with modern systems. 
  • Rigging: The rigging course begins with review on the evolution of rigging practices, then moves directly into the use of modern rigging equipment, ropes, pulleys, mechanical advantage, port-a-wrap and the GRCS. Finally ending the day with systems: negative rigging, slide lines and floating anchors. 


Professional Speaker 

Experienced, informed and engaging 

September 23rd, 2015 - PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference, Bend, OR: "Connecting Arborists and Wildlife"

August 11th, 2015 - International Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida: "Connecting Arborists and Wildlife"

March 12th, 2015 - Audubon Society of Portland, Portland, OR: "Snags in Your Backyard: Creating Wildlife Habitat"

February 12th, 2015 - High Desert Green Industries Conference, Bend, Oregon: "Introduction to Tree Risk Assessment"

September, 2013 - PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference, Surrey, BC: "Wildlife Habitat and Arborists"

August, 2013 - Oregon Master Gardener Association Annual Conference, Corvallis, OR: "Looking up; The Benefits of our Oldest Trees"

January 24th, 2013 - Idaho Horticulture Expo, Boise, Idaho: "Traversing Methods"

August 13th, 2012 - ISA Annual Training Conference and Trade Show, Portland, Oregon: “Traversing Methods: How to Go Nearly Anywhere”

November, 2011 - Author of poster presentation, NOVEL METHODS FOR HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT IN FOREST CANOPIES: ACCESS TO OUTER CROWNS AND OPEN SPACES FOR CANOPY RESEARCH, International Canopy Research Conference, Oaxaca, MX

September 30th, 2010 - ISA Praire Chapter, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: "Ascending the Giants" 

September 29th, 2010 - PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference, Tacoma, WA: "ATG: Measuring and Documenting Champion Trees"

February 12th, 2010 - ISA Ontario Chapter Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario: "Measuring Tall Trees, Ascending the Giants"

Recreation Climbing 

Work Hard, play hard 

Old-growth in Portland, OR

This is some footage Steve Dorst shot with the Phantom copter in Portland. Myself and climbing partner, Will Koomjian traversing through the crowns of two, 250' Douglas-firs between week workdays. Most of the film projects we have been involved in since 2011 have used drones. This is truly the best modern way to shoot moving imagery that captures the full scale and essence of trees. Especially when adding the human element. 


Treeverse: The Tree Climbing Documentary Film 

Having mastered the art of navigating in trees hundreds of feet tall, the Ascending the Giants team set out for an unprecedented enterprise. Completely independent from the ground and unsupported for the duration, climbers Brian French and Will Koomjian crossed a one kilometer transect through a natural grove of an Oregon White Oak woodland forest. All of the equipment needed for this Treeverse, including food, climbing equipment and overnight gear was carried by the two men during the five day canopy trek. Using innovative rope techniques and custom designed tools, their climbing style is low impact and based on the principals of Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. There is currently no documented record of any similar attempt.


Elevator System

The Old Growth Eco Tour was a vertical exploration in an ancient grove of towering Douglas-fir, Grand Fir and Western Red Cedar. Here, the ATG team assisted over 100 participants during a 200 foot ascent toward the top of an old growth tree. Ornithologist, Dr. David Anderson and Biologist Eric Forsman were attached to the systems as personal guides explaining the ecological functionality of this forest and the forest/urban forest interface.

This was an opportunity for many to explore and experience the true Northwest in an actual Oregon old-growth forest grove. 

The Tandem Elevator System was designed and facilitated by Brian French and the ATG team. Photos of the canopy tour below: