Brian French is a skilled climber with a broad range of arboriculture related experience and certifications, such as CA, CTW, and Tree Risk Assessor. Practicing for over 18 years in Oregon and abroad. Dedicated to and contributor of cutting edge research for a better understanding of trees and safer work practices for arborists worldwide.

Certified Arborist # PN-2786A

Tree Risk Assessor # CTRA 670

North American Training Solutions Trainer 

First Aid and CPR current, American Red Cross

Brian French, Curriculum Vitae 

Ascending the Giants

Ascending the Giants Film Trailer

Brian French is co-founder and President of Ascending the Giants. ATG is a non-profit organization that produces an ongoing series of expeditions to measure the largest tree of each species. These trees are called Champion Trees. The group then showcases these specimens as a means to increase knowledge of their existence, their ecological importance to our forests and use them as 'ambassadors of all trees' to engage the community. Documentation is archived in the state registry at




Interview with Pro Photo Supply

Meet Brian and Will, the founders of Ascending the Giants, a Portland-based non-profit organization working to measure "champion trees" in Oregon and the U.S. Photography and video play a key role in their work, allowing them to share their adventures with a much wider audience, and educate people about the diversity of life in our forests as seen from the tops of the world's tallest trees.